ERA 100 Voice Services light

  • 31 May 2023
  • 3 replies

On my new ERA 100 the voice services light is so dim as to be useless in a normally lit room. Support tells me this is not a defect. I also noticed that light will get brighter temporarily while I touch and hold the voice services icon. What’s that about?

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3 replies

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Everything you are describing sounds perfectly normal. The light only needs to be bright enough for someone standing right next to the speaker to see if the microphone is on or off.

Yes, I agree. But it isn’t even visible at arms length. It’s only visible if I squint directly over the led at a distance of less than 6” from my eyeball. Or in a darkened room. I’m told that’s the way it was designed.

In previous years there were complaints about status lights being too bright at night and an option was added to turn OFF the status lights.

Unfortunately, there is another thread to the status light drama. Some users are very concerned about security and the possibility that conversations could be monitored remotely, yet they sometimes appreciate voice control. The microphone status light gives these users some comfort knowing that they can check the microphone light when they need assurance that the microphone is disabled. If the microphone status light is disabled along with the main status light, the microphone light becomes useless. On the other hand, if the microphone light is too bright, the dark bedroom crew will be upset. It’s a no win situation.

Sure, options could be added to adjust brightness of all indicators, but there is another crew that will cry “too complicated”.