Era 100 for a 25 square mt covered terrace

  • 6 May 2024
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Good afternoon (its 16,45 pm here in Italy) , we have a B&B in a countryside area  with a sea view where in the shared living room  there are installed 2 Ikea Symphonisk Frames, I paired them on stereo  L and R  mode, using that with Apple Music , scheduling the music (with Sonos app  alert)  is really nice and all guest appreciate a lot , listening mostly famous cover in a  jazzed mood  with a 13% volume, so very soft music ..actually we have a large covered terrace about 28 mq  (7mt x 4mt) (no windows just opened covered terrace) next to the shared living room (between living room and terrace there are large windows that we keep usually close so you can't ear music when u are in terrace) and I wanted to spread the same music and same scheduling in the terrace  installing an Era 100 , do you think it is will be fine and the sound? will be decent?  I will install the Speaker in the center of the terrace put on the wall so people will ear it from back. And as last only humidity and maybe some very spare random rain drop will arrive on it due to the covered that avoid directly the rain on that wall.. 

Thx in advance for the answer and sorry for my not good English :)


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At 7 x 4 meters I’d lean to using two speakers to keep the sound level even at all listening positions. Put them at the 1/3 spots and there should be no issues.

I’d use them in mono (set as two rooms and grouped) rather than stereo as the listening positions don’t support stereo imaging.

Not sure about the outside use or the sea-view salt possibilities so I’ll leave that to others to comment on.Worst case get a Sonos Amp and non-Sonos speakers rated for your environment, maybe something aimed at a boat?