End of Software Support - Clarifications

End of Software Support - Clarifications

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I’m not looking at ways that Google might be looking at making their user experience worse. I’m trying to point out that Sonos could make their user experience better.

Yes - if you look at what a typical online banking app supports, the general situation is that Android 5 seems to be the norm (some go back further, some one release later). So if Sonos were to say that they will do their best to support everything as far back as Android 5 and that their app would not work at all prior to that, I think that would be a better user experience. Of course users of older versions would need to be warned in advance of withdrawal of support for a specific older version, when that happens.

I have several Apps that eventually need a new OS, but I would say that EVERY other app I have on my phone is free or max cost maybe $10 but when  people have invested up to or over $1,000 on perfectly good speakers that are made redundant by a free app then you can understand why customers are so upset.

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I still think you’re blaming the wrong company (Google is more to blame here, I think), but we’ll just have to agree to disagree here…..

Has there been an HBR case study about Sonos highlighting how NOT to treat your installed customer base last spring?  The murky S1 support timeline and uncertainty leaves me cold for any further investment in Sonos products.  Fool me once, shame on you...

S2 will be the new S1 “Legacy products” 5 years from now when some new esoteric features demands their evolution to phase out older hardware for ongoing product growth (real or invented) to drive new product revenue.

That opinion has been expressed a thousand times, as has the contrary. If ever there was a pointless, dead, speculative debate, this is it. Let's all meet back here in 2025 and see what has actually happened, shall we?

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Hi everyone, 


There’s a lot of good discussion in this thread over the last 15 months and I believe this topic has run its course, so I’ll be closing this thread to further replies.


Please make use of the answers given in the previous 171 pages, or start a new topic if you have further questions/issues.


Thank you.