Does the Five switch easily between line-in and stream

  • 15 December 2022
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I am currently looking to purchase a Sonos 5 speaker for my turntable. I want it to stream most of the time, but I also want it to be ready to play records at a moment's notice without changing the setup. I know it can do both, but I’m not sure if I have to constantly go into the app and select/deselect the "line-in" option every time I switch from streaming to "line-in" and back again? It’s a bit of a deal breaker if it doesn’t know how to handle switching on its own, as I won’t be the only one using the speaker on a regular basis.


A much less important question... As I plan for future upgrades, I’m wondering if you can pair a sub-mini to a five (or set of fives) and an Arc at the same time. Not to play at the same time, obviously, but could one sub switch back and forth between the set-up that is used for home theater and the other set-up that is used for playing vinyl?


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There is an Autoplay option for Line-In that needs to be enabled to achieve what you are looking for.

  • Choose an Autoplay Room to automatically play Line-In audio when Sonos detects a signal is being sent to the Line-In port. Here you can choose to Include Grouped Rooms and set an autoplay volume level.

A Sub Mini can only be paired to one room at a time. Think of it similar to surrounds with the Arc. They are either surrounds or can be a stereo pair. The process to switch the Sub Mini to a different room configuration is similar steps in the app. Changing the configuration of the room would also lose any Trueplay settings if they were previously ran.