Denon DP-300F

  • 25 June 2017
  • 8 replies

Hi there. Just got my Play 5 and want to hook it up to my Denon DP-300F turntable. No other components. I have a bunch of Play 1s in the house. That's it. Was told that I didn't need any other hardware which seemed strange. Any help would be appreciated.

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8 replies


you do need a cable though.
Thanks for replying so quickly. But what cable? Would it connect to the red/white cords and plug into the 5 via the aux in?
Yes. The cable would terminate at one end to a single multijack that will plug into the line in jack on the 5. At the other end it will have two jacks for use with the Denon.

If Denon has supplied a cable with two jacks at each end, this won't work; you will need to buy another cable as above. Cheaply available on Amazon and probably also at the store you got the TT; just tell them that you want to hook the TT to an amp that has a single jack for stereo line in.
Thank you, Kumar.
So two female outs that connect to the internal cord on the Denon and then an aux to plug into the 5. Eureka. Cheers.
Well, yes. To confirm, just one cord, having two males for the Denon end, and one for the play 5 end.
Sorry, perhaps not. From what I see on the net, the TT comes with a different wire ending in two jacks for the amp end. So you need something that has two females at one end and one male at the other. You may even find an adaptor without a wire that allows 2 males to be used with the 1 female on the play 5; something that plugs into the 5 leaving you with the kind of sockets at its open end that the Denon wire with its 2 males would then plug into.

I also see that an equaliser switch on the TT has to be turned to ON for using it with line in jacks of the kind that the 5 unit has.