Create a Input only Device

  • 7 June 2015
  • 6 replies

Sonos needs a device that the only purpose is to accept input from any device via mini/rca/optical and add it to the sonos system. I have Sonos Play:1 throughout my house and i cant even send audio to it from my old ipod/ video audio/ etc. 

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6 replies

I agree with you: PLAY:1 in every room, CONNECT:AMP for TV and Turntable input. Two PLAY:1 as Stereo Pair at my computer, but no possibility to connect the computer to the SONOS network.

Yes, there are third party devices to connect audio jacks wirelessly, both analogue and digital, but why is there no SONOS:WirelessConnector or SONOS:SimpleInputter?

It cannot be the limitation of inputs to the system, because if I connect two or three or seven CONNECT:AMPs, they would appear as selectable input options in the controller app.

Would buy! 🙂
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The Connect will do this; but is costs more than a single Play:1 and may not make sense financially. An input only device with a price less than $100 would be nice.
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I utilize a connect along with old wired desktop computer speakers to not only pass all computer audio to all Sonos units in my house but also make the wired desktop speakers a Sonos zone on their own (no need then for Sonos stand alone play speakers in my office where desktop is).
Yes, thanks, the CONNECT / CONNECT:AMP would do this and I could connect a pair of active speakers. But I had a spare PLAY:1 and built a stereo pair around my workplace - I am always still overwhelmed by the good sound with this form factor, especially compared to cheap PC speakers - but only through the network audio services (Spotify, Media lib, ...).

Now I would appreciate a BRIDGE-sized (or smaller) audio connector, like a CONNECT:LITE or CONNECT:ONLY :)

(There are third party solutions - but only through the CONNECT(:AMP) - what would be okay for me, but it would not be a SONOS product.)
The Connect is Sonos' lowest selling device, the figures for a device that couldn't even be used to play music would be even smaller, so wouldn't be worth the effort for Sonos.
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You can use product like stream what you hear from desktop to create station that plays on Sonos.