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  • 6 March 2023
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I have a playbar connected to the TV in the great room with a sub and two play 3’s for surround sound. Because the area is very large (kitchen is 30-35 ft away from the TV) I would like to extend the TV sound into the dining/kitchen area with another playbar and two play 1’s. I originally wanted to designate the area as two rooms, Family Room and Kitchen, ( so I could turn off the kitchen area when watching a movie) but realized that I don’t have any way to get the TV sound to the second playbar that way. So I suppose I could add all the speakers to the Family Room but I don’t see how to do that on the app. I don’t see the option to add anything to Family Room.

Please advise


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3 replies

You’re maxed out on speakers that can be “added” to the TV’s “room”, you’d need to “group” any other rooms to that one.

A couple of caveats to that. First, grouped rooms are in stereo, you can’t “group”a 5.1 signal. Second, due to the way that Sonos works, there will be a recognizable delay between the TV “room” and any grouped rooms, of at least 75ms. If you can’t hear the two “rooms” at the same time, that’s not an issue,

in fact, in the past, I’ve had my kitchen speakers “grouped” with my TV room, so that I could cook and still hear the commentary of the various baseball/football games I was watching. The only time it was an issue was standing in the doorway of my kitchen, when I could hear both at the same time. 

Thank you so much!  Your suggestion will accomplish what I want to do. I’ve tried it now and at least for regular TV (news) it works fine.

Happy to be of assistance.

The Sonos system really is great, IMHO, but it isn’t always as flexible as some folk want.As long as you use it as it’s designed, it is spectacular.