Connecting DirectTv Box to Connect, then to Connect AMP. PLEASE HELP ME!!

  • 16 April 2017
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So I have 2 connect amps, running 2 "zones" of built in speakers in my house. I want to play the tv on one of the zones. I go to Best Buy, guy tells me to buy a sonos "connect"connect it to the direct tv box(which is the small genie box) connect it using the single orange coax cable. So hook it all up, everything's connected. But I can not figure out how to make it play now that it is all connected. On my app it shows different "rooms" and the connect is listed as a room. Please help!!!!

Best answer by John B 16 April 2017, 06:56

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1 reply

Hi. I am afraid you have been totally misadvised if you were told to use a coaxial connection. Or was that your decision? The coaxial connection on the Connect is an output, so there isn't the remotest chance of it transmitting any TV sound to anywhere. You would need to link to the Connect's analogue line-in, and so if you use a digital output on the direct TV box you would also need a digital to analogue converter.

I assume it is not possible to locate one of the Connect:Amps where you could connect it to the TV box?

The Connect is listed as a room because its main designed purpose is to turn a conventional hifi into a Sonos music player.

The easiest and best solution, although much more expensive, would be to buy a Playbar or Playbase. That would also greatly enhance your TV sound and give you music in that room too, but that depends on what you already have there.