Connect turntable to a new Sonos One and a CD Changer to a second Sonos Era 100 used as a stereo pair

  • 13 March 2023
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I have an Audio Technica 120-USB turntable with its own pre-amp that I would like to connect to either a Sonos 5 stereo pair or Sonos Era 100 through the new USB-C connection.


Can I connect the turntable to the Sonos 5 or Sonos Era 100 on the left side and have it play in stereo with the matching speaker on the right side of my bookcase.  Also, will the turntable sound, once connected to a Sonos Speaker be listenable by streaming to my Sonos Arc in my other main room?


Assuming the turntable is connected on the left side speaker, can I then connect a CD changer to the matching Sonos speaker on the right side through the direct USB-C input and if so, will the CDs play in stereo through both speakers.  Therefore, when I turn on the CD player, will the Sonos speakers in the room recognize the unit and play, and then, when I turn on the turntable in stead, will the same speakers recognize the turntable through the connection.  Will the CD player connection also stream to my Sonos Arc in my main room.

Therefore, if I can do the above with good Audioquest cable, I wouldn’t need a Sonos Port.


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Yes, if you have a stereo pair of Era 100s or a pair of Fives, you can connect a turntable to the line-in on one speaker and a CD player to the line-in on the other speaker. The audio from the turntable and CD player will play out of both speakers in the pair. You can also stream the turntable and CD player audio to any other Sonos speaker in your system.

Read more about playing line-in audio here:

Many thanks for your reply.  It seems that staying with Sonos to implement my old vinyl and CDs is much easier than moving to a full integrated amplifier and other speakers.  It seems that if I buy the Sonos 5s, I can line in directly from my Audiotechnica 120-USB and from my NAD C515 changer.  If I go with the new Sonos Era 100s as a pair, there is some kind of adapter I have to use.  It appears I can’t just use a direct RCA to USB-C straight into the speakers.  Do you think that using another interface makes a difference in the sound.  The CD changer has a good DAC of its own.  Will that be converted to a new digital process by the speaker if I use a direct line in.  Wondering also, if the turntable sound remains analog on direct line into the Sonos 5.   Audioquest makes a good RCA to 3.5mm plug on its evergreen cable.  I think for USB-C the connection in directly is trickier and may need a good installer to customize it.  

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If using the line-in on the Era 100s, you need to use the Sonos line-in adapter to connect the turntable and CD player.

The Era 100 and Five will both take the analog line-in audio from the turntable and CD player and convert the audio to digital with its own ADC.

Is their a Sonos line-in adapter alternativ ? 
It’s not in stock for a another month or two?

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I have 2 Fives and have a turntable going into one, and a CD player going into the other. Works well!

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You could take a look here for adaptor features: 


Is their a Sonos line-in adapter alternativ ? 
It’s not in stock for a another month or two?

There may be an alternative, but only if the alternative uses the same hardware/firmware as the SONOS unit. SONOS is not releasing and data about their hardware/firmware. You would need to “buy and try”. I expect that your chance of success is low.