china does not work for nearly two months

  • 23 August 2023
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I’m in China.

My Roam broken but still in Warranty period,So I return it to the manufacturer for exchange according to the instructions on the 400 phone number,but nobody connect me, So I ask express delivery company help to contact, and support replied my email and asked me to wait at 19th.Jul。

Today is 23th.Aug, I have sent a lot emails to ask support to reply, but no answer, so I call 400 Complaints Hotline, Shorkingly 400 ask me to sent email to suppoty!

The same person I have contacted many times! Endless loop!!!

support will never reply email, nor leave any phone number!

I don’t know how to deal with, my child really miss his Sonos, but it seems never will come back.

Can any other colleagues help me contact support?



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Hi @xyandsoon, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear that it has gone this way. I’ve checked your account and found the case regarding the Sonos Roam which I have flagged internally.

If I hear anymore information I’ll let you know here with a reply, otherwise please keep an eye out for one of our support agents reaching out to you.

I hope this information helps!

Dear Jamie,

I am very grateful for your prompt response, I have 6 sonos devices at home, I really like your products. Your reply given me a  confidence in Sonos.

After your reply, a chinese staff  called me and replied to my email, and I was told that I was still waiting in the queue. He explained that Sonos China has its special departmental collaboration feature, so they missed out on informing me. I said we consumers do not have an obligation to be aware of the company's inner processes. We could just contact 400 call or email. 

Anyway, my problem has been resolved, thank you very much.

And I suggest you can regularly monitor China service process of 400 calls if it can really work. According to my experience,400 calls in China often has dead loops. When dialed different times, the call path will be different, but basically will never lead to a real person, most  will lead customers to email or returning to the menu or listening to the  sound recording. The only possible way is sending email and then customers should waiting for so long time.