cant connect sonos one

  • 22 March 2023
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I am thinking of installing ONE at A business.

I have been down to the customer and tested with a sonos on their network but I am unable to connect to it.

They have a network with many wireless routers. I have understood that it does not work with Wifi and must go wired.

After resetting the device, it appears in the App but won't connect online, I'm on wifi myself with the Sonos app.

My question is:
To connect sonos in a typical company network, is there something I have to do to IT, open some ports or such? I feel there is a block on the network somewhere. When I connect a PC with a cable, this works fine.


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1 reply

Sonos requires that a speaker and the controller exist on a single subnet. It’s extremely unlikely that this is possible in a corporate network that has many routers. Sonos is designed, unfortunately in this case, for home use, and not for corporate setups. In this situation, you’d probably be better off with a Sonos Move, or a Sonos Roam, not connected to the corporate network.  You would use Bluetooth to connect to the speaker.