can a Five Gen 1 connect to a Beam gen 2?

  • 27 April 2023
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Hi. I’ve got an offer to buy a Sonos Five (gen 1) pretty cheap. I’ve already got a Beam (gen 2) hooked up to my TV. My question is wether or not a Five (gen 1) will be able to connect to a Beam (gen 2)? I’ve only got music streaming and vinyl in mind as I’m expecting to buy a pair of Sonos Ones as satellites for the Beam eventually.

Any advice is appreciated :)


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3 replies

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Is it a Play:5 (Gen 1) or a Five? There is only one generation of the Five. There are two generations of the Play:5. Can you post a photo of the speaker you are looking at purchasing?

Ah right, sorry for the lack of specifics. It’s a Play:5 (gen 1). I’m debating if it’s worth it or if it’s starting to show it’s age too much.

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The Play:5 (Gen 1) will not work with the Beam (Gen 2) because the Play:5 (Gen 1) can only be set up on the S1 app. The Beam (Gen 2) requires the S2 app. 

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