Broken Queue

  • 7 August 2021
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Really annoyed the queue function is broken. For example... Add a song or two to the playlist. Say you have sonf ABC and song DCE in the playlist. You then search and add song ZZZ to the playlist and click add to queue or add next. It will add it and you will see it between ABC and DCE but it will play DCE not ZZZ. Will skip over ZZZ Everytime. We have tested this twenty times and it f's up Everytime. Please fix. Used to work exactly as expected.


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 7 August 2021, 14:24

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1 reply

It seems like it must be something to do with your device queue, or perhaps the music service you are using.

I added 6 tracks to the queue repeating track C as indicated in your post (‘deja vu’ is the repeated track) - see first screenshot from my iPad controller App (Back Bedroom is a Play:1 speaker queue used in the test).

I then added the ZZZ track (I used ‘stressed out’ as the added track) See second screenshot and in my case it added to the end of the queue and plays as part of the created playlist.

So I couldn’t reproduce the issue from your description. Just to add I was using the Amazon Music service in this instance.

Have you perhaps tried rebooting your device and resetting your Sonos App to see if that fixes the issue for you?