Better Audio through Apple TV than the Sonos App

  • 1 March 2023
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Does anyone know how to get better audio through the Sonos app or through airplay? I have a Beam gen 2 with a Sub connected to my TV and two Ones (One in the kitchen and one in my bedroom). The Beam and sub sound amazing when playing music through my Apple TV but when I use the Sonos app or airplay, the sound quality and bass decrease dramatically. The crisp vocals and high tones fade away and the bass loses its punch, especially with the lowest notes. It sounds like the frequency range is being reduced. This is with Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon music. I have also tested different audio formats such as Atmos, Stereo PCM, and Amazon ultra hd. I have also tested different sources with the same results. It is annoying because I like multi room listening, which means I have to listen at a lower quality (in the Sonos app or over airplay). I have heard much better sound quality and bass over air play and bluetooth with much cheaper systems so it’s hard to believe that is the cause.

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