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  • 19 September 2023
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I have 2 x Sonos Play:1 s which apparently won’t connect to Apple Airplay. I like Airplay and use it with other systems. I was advised by Sonos that if I had a Sonos device that was compatible with Airplay I could group this with the Sonos Play:1s making them Airplay compatible. I have purchased a Sonos Roam SL in order to make the Play:1 airplay compatible and have grouped the 3 devices together. The result is not was expected, while the Roam SL connects well to Airplay, the Play:1s do not, they constantly connect and disconnect when steaming music, even when they are next to each other. What can be done to resolve this?


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2 replies

Your issue is unlikely related to Airplay per se, I would perhaps look closer at WiFi interference. See this link:

I would perhaps set the Sonos products to maybe connect over the 2.4Ghz WiFi band on a fixed channel (ch 1, 6 or 11) and if the router allows, set a channel width of 20Mhz only.

Alternatively you could also use SonosNet instead (if not using already), but ensure you set the wired device at least one metre away from the router and ensure the SonosNet channel in the Sonos App is at least 5 channels away from your chosen routers 2.4Ghz WiFi channel.

Hope those few things help you to sort your AirPlay issue over grouped devices.

Also see this link:

Mine is also broken. The ray works with airplay but I got a new one SL and it’s says music is playing though AirPlay but no sound. Was on a call for a hour with Sonos and they couldn’t fix it and told me to call apple. Called apple and they said call Sonos as there stuff is fine