Allow to group the volume control to the hardware buttons on the Sonos unit!

  • 24 February 2014
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33 replies

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-1I have speakers that I do not want in the group.
But I realise that making this a straight-forward option is tough. Hence all the negative reactions.
Actually I'm now in the process of configuring a Raspberri-Pi with some physical buttons to achieve this. Primary reason is I want to be able to switch input (for a group) to line-in if I put on a record (vinyl). But then I also want to be able to control group volume from that same spot without the need for my mobile. It's gonna take some tinkering, some soldering and some money, but i'll make it happen.
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Add me to the list of people who would love have the OPTION to control the volume of multiple speakers (not just the "stereo pair") from the buttons on a single speaker. Like the original post, I have a Play1 on my kitchen counter and a "stereo pair" of Play3s in the adjacent living room. I want to control the volume for all three speakers from the (easy to reach) Play1 instead of pulling out a smartphone.

I see this as an option under "room settings" (like "create stereo pair") where you "create volume group" (allowing the volume buttons on any one of the grouped speakers control the entire group)... I'm no software engineer, but this does not sound unachievable for the company that invented the best wireless audio system available to mankind...
I just bought a third play 1 to fill out my room, only to find that i can no longer use the hardware volume control i have been for several years. It's super annoying i can't control the volume of the group via the hardware buttons, or add my new play 1 to the existing room.
The hard volume control has never controlled group volume. Ever.
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I think a lot of people have more than just one speaker in the same room and cant´t see whats the problem to add this feature? Not very logical that two players are controlled by the bottons and not the third.. This thread are 3years old and still no progress? Just add an option to link a player to another player or a room just like the stereo pairing or the sub.
This will give the option to the users to choose to permanently link speakers in the same room or to use it like today.

SONOS: You have to understand that the users have different kind of needs and you have to give the users some options to choose and not do all the choosing yourself.
The hard volume control has never controlled group volume. Ever.

Don't get me wrong, I realise this is the case, but the way it works makes it so much less appealing to have more speakers in my system. As much as I want more speakers to fill out my system, the loss of the hardware volume control makes it much less appealing to add additional speakers.

I'm just super bummed out about my purchase, because I've always used the hardware volume control for my original two Play 1 pair and sub.
Please add this as an option. It makes no sense to me to control volume of individual speakers if they’re in a group.