adding era 300 to Beam, sub and 2 x Ones

  • 2 December 2023
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I have a double space  living room , at one end of the room where the tv is i have a beam, sub and 2 x ones and I want to add an era 300 in  the other end of the room. 
Will that work for playing all tv sound and music and adding a turntable to the era 300?





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3 replies

Kind of, for the first half of your question.

The Era 300 will need to be set up as a second room, then grouped in order to play the content from the ‘home theater’ room that contains your Beam, Sub, and two Ones. This means there will be at least a 75 ms delay, but only when playing the TV’s input. When streaming music, both ‘rooms’ will be in sync. 

And to the second half, yes, using the Sonos adapter, you’ll be able to connect a pre-amped turntable to the Era 300, and have that play in either, or both rooms, totally in sync. 

Thanks Bruce. That’s very helpful. Not sure how a 75ms delay will sound or if best only to group link on music. 
Thanks for the grouping link








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Great thing with Sonos: try it and see (listen). If it’s ok, you win. If not, use it elsewhere or return it to Sonos within the home-trial period for a full refund.