Add option to turn OFF Ethernet LEDs

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LEDs for Ethernet connection blink and are distracting in dark rooms (my Sonos that is connected to the Ethernet is in the bedroom). Can we have option to turn those LEDs OFF? There is option to turn on main indicator light but not Ethernet LEDs. I have seen similar feature on Cisco routers.

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Why not simply cover them? You will have a hell of a time troubleshooting if you have no connectivity lights to tell you status?
You can always turn back on if you need to debug ... I have taped them but this is lame :-0
I have the same problem. My PLAY5 is in the bedroom and unfortunately the LEDs on the Network Connection are very disturbing. I do not understand why you can switch the LEDs on the top, but the LEDs on the back is not it? Please upgrade this option in a future software update. Thank you very much
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UP. Play:1 kinda sorted this out by removing the LEDs entirely, which removes any doubt on previous posts about debugging... but still, Sonos, please add an option similar to the one controlling the top LED.
I recently decided to wire the PLAY:3 in my bedroom but now I have the link LED on and packet LED flashing constantly, can we get some traction on this feature request?
Heh. Perhaps you could get some traction, but I've found small pieces of black electrician tape to be equally useful, and immediately resolve the issue.
Yes, that is my workaround but am looking for a fix.
Yes, that is my workaround but am looking for a fix.
A software 'fix' for a low level function of the Ethernet NIC is almost certainly not feasible. I've also used the black insulating tape method. Works perfectly.
I've got quite a few devices that I use the "tape fix" for. Would be wonderful if there was a more generic software fix, but I'm not holding my breath, for the Sonos, or Netgear, or.... name any device that has a light. I was actually impressed that they were concerned enough to allow us to turn off the topside light on the speakers.
This was how my grandfather fixed his check engine light for years.
He was a very smart man. 🙂
As Ratty says... far too low at hardware level to toggle via software.

I use these to great effect on many appliances, especially the really daft ones that show a red LED to tell me the appliance is off ...
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Really? I mean really! Another Sonos development, detracting away fromm the many other priorities that will keep the company profitable, just to do a job a bit of tape can do arguably better. What would happen if you could turn the leds off by software and then had an issue connecting? You could not connect to turn them on again so the removal of a bit of tape seems a far better solution than a software toggle.