Add ceiling speakers to current playbar/play 1 system

  • 25 February 2017
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I'm struggling adding 2 ceiling speakers powered with a ZP90 to my current system which is a 3:1 system using a playbar and 2 x play 1's. I've got the ZP90 wired to the playbar with an Ethernet cable but I can't set it as part of the system. I've tried removing the current surrounds and adding them again but it doesn't see the ZP90 speakers. Can anyone help?

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3 replies

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Sorry, but I'm unclear what you are wanting to do.

The ZP90 is now called the "Connect" and provides connectivity to an amplified system (typically used to bring into the Sonos system an existing "hifi" system). The Connect:AMP (Old name was the ZP120) connects to speakers and provide amplification to them... this device can be used to make the speakers it powers act as "surrounds" for a TV audio system.

Sonos doesn't support a 7.1/7.0 system so you can't have a Playbar (which takes the Front left, centre, and right channels) bonded to more than a SUB and two matching Players(1,3, or 5 as long as they match - which will be the surrounds) or alternatively the Connect:AMP for the two surround channels instead of a paired set of players).

You should still be able to connect the ZP90, but it will appear as a different "room" in the controller. If you attempted to send TV audio to the speakers attached to it, it would be delayed behind the bonded set's audio since the Sonos sync of home audio uses a 70ms delay to allow for buffering to compensate for wifi connectivity challenges - the Bonded set, in order to be in sync with video, does not use the same delay for TV audio.
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I think you've answered me. I've had the ZP90 for years powering ceiling speakers in another room. In my living room I currently have a playbar uinder the TV and 2 play 1's at the back left and right. Before I has Sonos I had 2 ceiling speakers in the living room powered by a normal sub. I've emailed Sonos and asked if I can add the ceilibg speakers to my living room to create full surround sound. That would mean I wanted my playbar undet the TV, the 2 play 1's at the back and add the 2 ceiling speakers powered by the ZP90/connect. Sonos help has said ti can be done but I don't know how to do it to set it up properly. I've used the ZP90 and pairted them up but it's not the same.

My main aim it to get more sound coming from the back but I can't seem to do it.
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I'm guessing the Sonos person may have misunderstood your question. Currently you cannot have a Sonos TV setup with more than 2 surrounds. You can swap two Play 1s with the ceiling, but not add a ceiling set onto existing 5.0/5.1

We hear your comment about more sound coming from the back a lot. Mostly this is a function of how surrounds function. They are not supposed to carry primary audio like dialogue, etc. but provide ambient audio only to augment the experience. (I think hearing people from a screen in front of me speaking "behind me" would be odd to me). You are absolutely you are hearing audio in the surrounds right? you are getting 5.1 audio signal from your TV? You can confirm this by looking at "about my Sonos system" in the app while playing the TV audio source you know is 5.1. The playbar identifies the audio signal it is receiving in that listing.