Ability to Add Sonos Roam to Multiple Sonos WiFi Systems?

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Is it possible to add a Sonos Roam to multiple Sonos WiFi systems?

I recently purchased a Roam and took it with me on a road trip. My in-laws have a Sonos system and I wanted to add my Roam to their system so I could get all of the benefits of using Roam over WiFi instead of Bluetooth. 

However, the only way I could get the Roam to connect to their system was to reset it to factory and set up the Roam as a new speaker in their Sonos system. When I came home I had to repeat the process by resetting to factory and adding it back to my Sonos system.

The feature I’d love to see is the ability to add a Roam to a second Sonos system over WiFi without having to remove it from an existing Sonos system. Ideally, after initial setup, the switch between Sonos systems would be done automatically based upon the connected WiFi network.

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It’s messy.

Power down all units in house #2, uninstall the house #2 controllers, and bring a unit from house #1. Get the house #1 unit operating in house #2. Now you can Factory Reset all of the house #2 units and add them to the system. Be very careful at this point — don’t setup a new system. Now there is only one household. The system does not mind that it is split between two households.

It’s easier if you wire the house #1 unit to the network. If the WiFi user name and passwords are different in the two houses, you can add a second WiFi network in the house #1 unit. Do this before adding the Factory Reset units. Do not Factory Reset the unit from house #1.

Music service registrations and SONOS Playlists will be brought along from house #1.

Nags: All of the SONOS Playlists from house #2 will be lost. If these were simply duplicates of house #1 this is no big deal because the player from house #1 will bring its Playlists along. 

Some music services will not allow simultaneous play in both locations.

Minor nag: There may be a duplicate room issue. For example: If you brought “Bedroom” from house #1, you may need to temporarily use “Bedroom2” as you setup house #2. After the house #1 unit is powered down in anticipation of returning to house #1, you can rename “Bedroom2”.