Ability to Add Sonos Roam to Multiple Sonos WiFi Systems?

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It’s messy.

Power down all units in house #2, uninstall the house #2 controllers, and bring a unit from house #1. Get the house #1 unit operating in house #2. Now you can Factory Reset all of the house #2 units and add them to the system. Be very careful at this point — don’t setup a new system. Now there is only one household. The system does not mind that it is split between two households.

It’s easier if you wire the house #1 unit to the network. If the WiFi user name and passwords are different in the two houses, you can add a second WiFi network in the house #1 unit. Do this before adding the Factory Reset units. Do not Factory Reset the unit from house #1.

Music service registrations and SONOS Playlists will be brought along from house #1.

Nags: All of the SONOS Playlists from house #2 will be lost. If these were simply duplicates of house #1 this is no big deal because the player from house #1 will bring its Playlists along. 

Some music services will not allow simultaneous play in both locations.

Minor nag: There may be a duplicate room issue. For example: If you brought “Bedroom” from house #1, you may need to temporarily use “Bedroom2” as you setup house #2. After the house #1 unit is powered down in anticipation of returning to house #1, you can rename “Bedroom2”.