20% Cashback promotion

  • 10 March 2018
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55 replies

I would also love to get in on this if anyone figures out what you need to do to get the email/use the discount. I got my first pair of Play 1's in Jan and have been thinking about a Sub and Soundbar... checking my email (spam filter) daily since i got
my "welcome to sonos" email a couple of weeks ago.
I'm not sure I fully follow what the rules are for this? I purchased a pair of One's 3 weeks ago from Amazon, does that count for a code on a future purchase? Or do I purchase a Sub and then claim it back? I think it is the "may" in the terms that is not helping clear this up.
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I got an email from Sonos on 2/22 with this offer. It was just what I was waiting for to get a sub for the PlayBase. IIRC, the discount was capped at $200, so you couldn't go crazy, but applied only to the first $1,000 of the purchase. You could use the code on sonos.com to get an immediate 20% discount, or provide a receipt and get a rebate afterwards.
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This https://www.boards.ie/ttfthread/2057849795 suggests it’s for new customers and applies to an additional order only for the 20% off 😠
Nope. Last promotional email I got was for the Sonos One bundle on February 9th.