SVC Suggestion: A Way To Use Voice Commands To Find Out What Is Playing On ‘Apple Music One Radio’ While Listening To Something Else.

  • 24 May 2023
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If I am currently enjoying listening to a piece of music or podcast or radio station - I would like a way to use Sonos Voice Control to ask what is currently playing on ‘Apple Music One’ or ‘Apple Music Hits’ or ‘Apple Music Country’ while listening to my initial audio selection - to see if the alternative radio show is something I might like to listen to instead - before I decide whether or not to leave what I am currently listening to.

This will help me to better be able to contemplate the listening options - to decide what would be best depending on my mood at the time etc - based on the information options Sonos Voice Control gives me - based on the current radio show schedule.

1 reply

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Just to add:

potential Sonos Voice Commands could be;


”Hey Sonos - What Show is playing on Apple Music One?”


”Hey Sonos - What Show is Next On Apple Music Hits?”