Sonos Voice Control & Youtube Music

When will Sonos Voice Control work ok with Youtube Music? I want to speak to my Sonos Roam in the bathroom. Giving commands like «play something from Nirvana», «play relaxing music».

Not able to do this. I can’t believe it! Please fix this already.

When will Sonos get this basic functionality?

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Sonos has not annouced any future enhancements to voice control (SVC).  Doesn’t mean it won’t be added, they just don’t announce stuff like this till it’s arrived.  That said, I would not hold out hope for youtube music.  Spotify will surely be done first, possibly some other services, and Google and Sonos aren’t on the best of terms right now.  Not saying it won’t happen, but...

I hope they have this high on their agenda. What is Sonos without proper integration? And integration should also be in Googles best interest… Same goes for Spotify…

Can anyone from Sonos staff give an explanation? And timeline?