Sonos Voice control works for me, ignores my wife

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi there,

Both myself and my wife’s Apple Music is setup in the Sonos App under the same Sonos ID (Mine)

If I use ‘Hey Sonos’ and issue a command, I have no issues.

If my wife issues the same command she is totally ignored?

Is this usual behaviour, or are we doing something wrong with our setup please?

Should each user in the house login to the Sonos App with their own login credentials or share mine? Or is this irrelevant 😀


We are using the Full Home Cinema set-up with Arc, Sub, and two One SL’s.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi @yakuzah 

Thanks for your post!

Sonos Voice Control doesn’t intentionally differentiate between different people’s voices, so this is not a matter of correct or incorrect setup. Even with only one Apple Music account added, it should still work for both of you.

Although SVC is available everywhere, it has currently only been trained on US English and French. Therefore, it may be that you sound “more American” than your wife does. I have, on occasion, found myself putting on a bit of an accent in order to get the wake word (“Hey Sonos”) to trigger properly. New York seems to be the easiest for me to imitate, but any American accent will do. Just a little bit of twang seems to help. 

For the same reason, you are also more likely to be correctly understood if you ask for tracks/artists/stations that are currently popular in the US.

In time, further regions (and their listening habits) will be added to SVC, so putting on an accent should only be a temporary measure.

I hope this helps.

Thanks very much for coming back on mu issue.

I must admit I did chuckle, about accents, maybe I’ll go for a west coast surfer dude :)

thanks again, we will keep trying. 😂