Sonos Voice Control doesn't stay enabled?

So I just got an Arc, along with the Sub and surrounds. This is first week I’m using it.  I’m amazed I don’t see this more often on these threads, am I the only one whose Sonos Voice Control goes in and out? I have gone through three straight conversations with customer service the last three days about this, and no resolution. They get close but no cigar and tweaked a bunch of settings. I assume the microphone light should always be on so it can always hear your wake up command, but often it turns off, even when it’s playing music. They’ve tried everything. I’ll give it another day and then plan to get it replaced. Overall I think the system is really cool, but this is starting to get annoying. 


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Unless you have physically interacted with the unit, the microphone status should not change. Sometimes I’ll accidentally change the microphone status if I move or dust the unit. I’ve not seen the unit spontaneously turn OFF the microphone.

Good to know - I had a feeling something was off. I definitely did not have anything accidentally hit it, it sometimes goes off many times on its own as if something was phantom setting it off. 


This is absolutely a problem for me and my Arc, @MistaKan. Though the Sonos app says both Alexa and Sonos voice control is active (and once worked), neither work right now. If I disable and re-enable them, they’ll work fine for a while, but then, won’t work later. None of my other Sonos speakers exhibit this problem, only the Arc.

It’s definitely an annoyance for me, though I haven’t yet filed a bug report with @Sonos.

Since my last post, and after several hour long conversations with tech support, we finally resolved to replace the bar. A lot of the troubleshooting, including full factory reset, were to no avail. I am STILL waiting for the return shipping label and it’s been days. Thankfully I am still under warranty and I feel like it was completely justified. I’ve only been using the bar for a week now. Will post updates

I also have just received a new Arc from Sonos and the mic drops off after 30 seconds and will not take a command unless i go up and push the mic icon. went thru diagnostics no solution then called Sonos stateside and they state they could be doing updates they have my email and will notify. Sounds not good considering this problem has existed for a while. Any one else this frustrated?

I have been staying on Sonos and they are sending me a new Arc and have sent a Return authorization for the old one. Will let u know how we make out.

Same issue here, arc mic going off and on of its own accord. Sonos have provided a workaround of disabling the touch controls in settings which does seem to fix the problem. However, this then creates another in that the touch controls don’t work.:)


Same issue, is it realy so hard to find a solution for Sonos ?

I have the same problem. I really hope they Will fix this asap…

 I have the same problem 😓


Update to 15.11 does nox fix the issue.

@Sonos, a lot of users are affected -- please take care. I sould be not so hard to write a clear information.

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Hi all,

I’m glad you’ve been able to get this resolved with our support team @MistaKan. For everyone else experiencing this issue, I would recommend reaching out to our support team if you haven’t already (or had in the past) for further troubleshooting and a resolution to this issue.

The issue specifically is the Arc microphone periodically turns itself off without user input and turning off when attempting to turn the microphone back on, or the microphone repeatedly turning on and off.

If you don’t experience the above, or only part of the above, you may have a different issue, although I’d still recommend reaching out to support.

I hope this information helps!


I was already in touch with German support more than one time. I don´t know how often i reset my system pair again and again send support infos -- nothing changed. If the ARC stay without Sub and without rear speakers it works as it should. As soons as you add sub or rear to the arc the issue is back. Disable touch control fix partly the issue, because than you can not use touch anymore.