How to stop Sonos voice feedback?

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I’ve just bought my first Sonos product - Era 100 - and it sounds great.

I’m using the Sonos voice control to play radio stations.  ie. “Hey Sonos - play BBC radio 6”.

All works fine but the voice feedback - “Awesome, “Great choice” etc is so irritating.

I checked the app but couldn’t find a way to disable this.  Am i missing something?


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Hi @SwissTony 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thank you for the feedback - at present, there is no way to alter the responses of Sonos Voice Control, but I’ll mark this thread as a feature request to have the ability to have such verbal responses eliminated.

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Thanks…   or as the Era 100 would say:

Awesome, of course, fantastic, absolutely, great, as you like, sounds great, great choice, sure, nice one, nice pick, etc

Yes, please, give us the option to mute that feedback.

+1 from me. I’m yet to find a family member, or friend, who likes the voice feedback …and also it would be nice to switch off (or change) the earcon ‘ding’ that is heard in response to ‘Hey Sonos’ too - that sound always reminds me of the old windows 3.0 (abrupt) ’stop’ sound.

+1 to this idea. I have just added new Era 100 peakers and no one in the household can figure out why there is a Sonos voice response when we ask them to play music. When the music starts playing we know it worked; if the music doesn't play we know there was a problem. Even worse, the Sonos response is often at a louder volume than the speaker volume. 

Replaced my Apple HomePod with Sonos but the voice assistant is terrible. Too loud, irritating random American comments. No way to change it and no sensible response from Sonos. Very disappointed. Also can’t link YouTube Music or BBC sounds despite numerous deauthorising attempts. I was expecting better from an expensive premium product. 

Totally agree. It’s obnoxious and I’d love to see it changed.

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Yep, recently changed from Alexa to Hey Sonos. It works well, but the ‘ding’ sound needs to go.


hopefully Sonos will let us know when this becomes available. 

The voice itself is very irritating with no option to choose others, and the volume is very disproportionate to the music. I’d love to just turn it off.