How to play music from my Apple Music Library by voice control

  • 13 December 2023
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Hi, I have Apple Music and my own curated library of albums in my Apple Music Library (ie with tracks I don’t like removed). I can get the Sonos app to play albums on Apple Music via voice control, but I can’t find a way to get voice control to play albums from my Apple Music Library. Can anyone help?


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4 replies

I moved my play lists into Sonos favorites. an I say,  Hey sonos play my rock playlist or jazz playlist etc.

Im not computer savy but its how it works for me

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Thanks for the tip. That would work for bulk playlists but for individual albums not so much. Creating a playlist for every album is a bit too much work.  

But on your idea, I do that for my favourites so I have all five Direct songs in one playlist. The problem is you then have to shuffle it. Otherwise you get the same first song. And that’s needs at least voice commands. You can’t say shuffle my xxx playlist. The voice control needs a lot of improvement in my opinion  

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As the Sonos app does not see my Smart Playlists, I was also searching for an alternative.

So now I use Siri to play Apple Music on my Sonos.

For this your Sonos needs to be added to Apple Home app (click the + in the app, select Add Accessory – More Options – your Sonos should appear here – <give it a name>).

As of now you should be able to say: “Hey Siri, play Sign ‘O’ the times by Prince on <give it a name>.

It does stream your music from the device Siri responded on. I use a HomePod mini for this purpose… But your phone or tablet could also do the trick.


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Brilliant thank you! Works perfectly and a hundred times better than Sonos voice - it’s also clever. If you ask it to play an album it will play if from your library if it’s there (so my personalised version with tracks removed). If it can't find the album there it plays it on Apple Music instead. Thank you again.