why i dont have option to add voice service

  • 25 September 2019
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had the sonos play 1 speakers and just added a new sonos one with voice support, however the sonos app doesnt give me the option under browse neither i do not have the “more’ tab....
help please

11 replies

The menus have changed. See these links:

Setting up a One with Alexa

Settings up a One with Google Assistant
In services i cant find any of the voice services. Google or Alexa.
i guess it is because of my region, which is disturbing, because when i bought the speaker it didnt say anything about region limitation. Also i am not aware of google assistant limit in my region. I have it on my phone.
can someone help bypassing it?
Btw i have premium spotify, all i wanted is to add voice control, i know google assistant supports it
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I’m not sure that you’re in a country where Sonos offers voice support?

I seem to recall some some threads on this subject, where a suggested workaround was to register your account as being in a supported country, but I don’t know if that is still possible or what the process is/was.
Apparently changing country didn't work
Apparently changing country didn't work
I think Spotify and others have blocked users switching country and use the Account payment details and other measures to determine residence.

Apparently changing country didn't workI think Spotify and others have blocked users switching country and use the Account payment details and other measures to determine residence.

Well, the thing is spotify is supported and i have that service going, i just want to add google voice controll to it, this is shame that it is not avail. I am sure someone cracked it...

Did anyone find a resolution to this issue? We are trying to integrate Google Assistant with our Sonos system but not finding Voice Services as an option.

Same here, no voice option. I spend time in 2 different countries, be great if Sonos/Google caught up with 21st century living.

I reached out to Sonos support on Twitter and they helped with resolution. There were actually a couple issues:

- Google Assistant would not recognize my Sonos devices because my Sonos profile did not have a country set. I set to USA and was able to get Sonos devices set up on Google Assistant.

- It did not, however, display Voice Services as an available option in Sonos set up, as the Sonos set up guide leads you to believe

- I believe this is because my Sonos devices are not directly compatible with Alexa/GA. You can still configure GA to interact with Sonos, but the Sonos Music Services must leverage the same accounts as GA.

- My wife and I have multiple Spotify accounts which led to some frustration trying to get everything synced between one Sonos account and multiple GA profiles. I learned you can add multiple Spotify services to the Sonos profile and that seemed to resolve my issues.


We're still figuring out how to interact with GA but the above is what I learned and resolved the initial issues.





Tamiroquai, I managed to solve this….. At least for android.


  1. Change your country in your sonos account to one voice supported (like USA).
  1. Uninstall your sonos app in your phone (make sure of the deletion of all settings locally, for example using all in one toolbok to rip all data stored by sonos app on your phone)
  2. Reinstall Sonoa app on your phone, open it, and alllow it to calculate your location
  3. After this you have the voice services options avilable.