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  • 10 October 2021
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i currently have two Sonos Sl ones as a stereo pair at the end of a long room. I wanted to add a voice control speaker at the other end. 
Initially I just wanted it completely separate to the two other speakers (ie just as a stand alone speaker for radio while in the kitchen). 
however now I’m wondering if I could link all three together to play the same thing. 
would a Sonos Sl one smart speaker do this for me? Ie would I be able to ask that speaker to play a radio station and hear it across all three speakers in the same room. (I don’t mind unpairing the stereo element of the other two if that’s what needs to happen?) 

anyadvice welcome on how best to do this. 



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The Sonos One SL as you know is not voice assistant cable. Adding a Sonos One would enable voice control. You could then speak to it and request music be played on the Sonos One SL stereo pair. To get the same source to play on the all speakers you could group them or use AirPlay 2.

The only other way to get music to play on the SL’s without investing in a voice capable Sonos product would be to invest in an Alexa or Google voice speaker and integrate it with the SL’s. For example an Amazon Echo Dot.

Hi AJ,

thanks for the reply and info. 
This pretty much aligned with what I had thought so thanks for confirming. 
My only other question was if I went with the Echo Dot option, could I get the same radio station / Spotify song to play out of all three simultaneously? Im guessing not . Ie The echo dot is only used to voice control the Sonos pair ?



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Tap the link to use a Echo Dot with Sonos One SL.

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For all three speakers to play simultaneously (and in sync), they would all need to be Sonos devices. As well as the Sonos One, the Move and the Roam could also perform this task, with the additional benefits of them being portable and Bluetooth capable. Only the Roam can share Bluetooth to play on other speakers, however.

You would not need to unpair the existing stereo pair, unless you wanted to - with a third speaker in the same room, you might decide it’s best for all 3 to play both stereo channels. It’s up to you, or your better half!