Use Sonos microphones to command KNX smart home

  • 25 May 2023
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Hi guys,


A year ago when I moved, I fulfilled myself a long-held dream and got a Sonos multiroom sound system that I am really happy with. Also, this flat has a smart home system that, using KNX, operates everything from heating and light to sun blinds. To control it I can use wall switches or a very simple app.


Since I have Sonos microphones in every room, I asked a technician if it’s possible to somehow make use of those mics to control the KNX smart home via voice commands using my Sonos speakers. He was under the impression that the “RealKNX Air Server” would achieve this, however I was informed they are only able to control Sonos speakers for sound output, not the other way around as voice command input for the smart home system (which is ironic since Sonos bought RealKNX in 2019 and now feature their offline voice assistant Snips as “Sonos Voice Control”). This means that with a RealKNX Air server (in combination with their gateway config called “ProServ”) I would need additional microphones from them to be able to use voice commands.


Now I don’t really want to get additional mic devices in every room only for my smart home when I have my speakers with already integrated mics anyway. Do you guys know of any kind of setup where Sonos mics can be used for commands to control a KNX-based smart home? I really wouldn’t know where to look.


Many thanks in advance,


1 reply

Sonos bought snips so they could utilize the tech for music control on their speakers, not with the intent of integrating their speakers into smart home least not right now.  There aren’t any APIs to the Sonos Voice Control (SVC) to allow for any commands to be passed to a 3rd party device for further processing.  Again, maybe some day, but not currently.  From what I’ve seen, Sonos doesn’t really want to get into smart home to that level, so I wouldn’t expect anything.  Maybe if Matter becomes well established and it becomes a lot easier, they will consider it.

Of course Alexa and Google Assistant are also supported by Sonos, so perhaps they have some intgrations with KNX?  I have no idea.