TV to Sonos Move via airplay

  • 8 July 2020
  • 2 replies

I have a feeling this isn’t possible but let’s see :) If I buy a TV that is airplay 2 compatible, would that mean that the sound of the TV would come out of the Sonos Move? Or does it just mean that the TV can connect to the phone (which is what I think will happen).


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2 replies

It means that the TV can connect to the phone.  Unless things have changed, the only things can that can generate an airplay 2 signal are Apple products...iphone, ipad, Apple TV, and Homepad.  Both your TV and Move would be airplay 2 receivers.  

So what that means is that if you were using Apple TV, you should be able to send the audio to a Move, while the TV gets the video.  However, if your TV can send audio via Bluetooth, then you can put the Move in Bluetooth mode to get the audio.

Thanks. My current TV has BT and I use my Move that way. But with airplay it can bring all the non airplay products in to play as well (when using my phone as the audio). But that makes sense that the TV wouldnt send audio to the move as the iphone wouldnt be part of the set up.