Turning off beam when not required

  • 15 December 2020
  • 1 reply

Hi, I have recently brought a new Samsung Q70 series TV and a Sonos beam.
I have been though all of the setup and got it working so I can play the tv sound through the beam. 
My question is how do I disable the beam when I am just watching tv and don’t want the sound coming through the beam. 

I only really wanted the beam to use while watching movies and Netflix style shows. 

every time I switch the audio Settings back on the tv it diverts straight back to the beam. 

any ideas ?

1 reply

Two options:

  • Disable CEC (Anynet+) on the Samsung
  • Connect the Beam via the optical-HDMI adapter

Oh, and a third:

  • Listen to regular TV through the Beam. Its sound will be much better than your TV speakers.