symfonisk + homekit?

  • 24 October 2021
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Today I bought an Ikea symfonisk. However, when I add it to Homekit, it shows up and I can name it and set the room and so on, but when I play music (tested with Spotify in Symfonisk and AirPlay) the ”icon” in Homekit says that nothing is played, and when I press to open Ikea symfonisk in Homekit it also shows that nothing is played. Also tested automations, e.g. Pause music when a lamp activates. But nothing happens. What is wrong?

Ikea symfonisk is connected with wifi

2 replies

Hi, I am using the Symfonisk in several places using the Sonos App but never saw the need to use the Homekit. The S2 Sonos App work very well with the Symfonisk.


I bought it pretty much only because it supports Homekit since my whole apartment is Homekit compatible :) I know a Homepod would be better, but they are not for sell in Sweden and they do not support Spotify