Strange interaction between Sonos system and Samsung Smartthings

  • 27 August 2023
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I have an older Sonos Play 1 and Play 3 and they are great. They are all communicating with my Orbi mesh router and have been for years. Smartthings can’t seem to control them via the current app on my iPhone 14. I have several routines on Smartthings that will pause/play the speakers at given times. Here’s the rub...the Sonos speakers will no longer accept commands from the Smartthings app. However, the Smartthings app DOES recognize a change in status! If I try to control the Sonos via the Smartthings app, nothing happens. Yet, if I control a speaker via the Sonos app, the Smartthings app notices the change! So, we know that the Smartthings “sees” the speakers and knows status but won’t control. I’ve deleted and reconnected the Sonos devices to the Smartthings app and it works...ONCE. I’m thinking that the Smartthings app is the issue as the Sonos app and Alexa all control the Sonos with no problem. iPhone 14 iOS 16.6

Oh… and what is the WAP Tigger (trigger?). I look up the definition and all I’ve found is what is tantamount to a no answer. “The WAP trigger controls triggers with WAP” type of stupid answers. Why is that now part of the Sonos/Smartthings devices and should I use it in some way?


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Hi @WinW 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

We do not support SmartThings - not in the sense that it will not work, just in the sense that we can’t support your efforts in getting it to work, as it relies on third-party software.

I recommend ensuring everything is up-to-date - your Sonos system, your iPhone, and SmartThings itself. I also recommend that you then reboot everything involved - the speakers, the phone, and the router. When rebooting the router, please turn it off for at least 30 seconds.

If that has not helped, I can only recommend contacting Samsung (assuming that we are talking about Samsung SmartThings here, which I did not realise was available for iOS) for support.

However, my replying here will get your post back on the Recently Active list - perhaps a community member will be able to assist further.

The only meaning for WAP that I understand would relate is Wireless Access Point, but I don’t understand what a trigger for it would be.

I hope this helps.



I have no experience of SmartThings, but in terms of interaction with Sonos it sounds rather similar to IKEA’s Home Smart. In my case that controls the Tradfri hub which, among other things, monitors Sonos player state and can execute canned ‘scenes’ to play/pause/stop/group/etc players.

If SmartThings has stopped talking to the Sonos devices it’s surely a matter for Samsung. Occasionally Sonos can break the interface at their end, but it’s more likely to be a Samsung issue.