Sonos S2 with Savant Integration

  • 19 June 2020
  • 2 replies

My Sonos system is integrated through Savant.  It works very well with S1.  Now before I update my Sonos devices to S2 (all of them are eligible to update) I was wondering if somebody with a similar integration setup updated to S2 and what was the outcome?  I am wondering if it can mess up the integration between the Sonos and Savant systems.


All the previous Sonos firmware updates went smoothly as far as my Savant integration is concerned.  But this S2 update seems to be a bigger leap.


Thank you.

2 replies

I also have Savant, including a host and two pro remotes, one old one new. The S2 migration was uneventful. 

Never mind. Now the Savant Pro Remote is very slow to load favorites or playlists.