Sonos one - Nest Hello integration questions

Does Sonos one integrate with Nest Hello? As in, does the Sonos One speaker sound a chime when someone presses the smart doorbell at home? Searched around, could not find anything conclusive. This should absolutely be a supported api/feature of the integration and I am looking to get more clarity ASAP on planning some smart home purchases.

Any advise is appreciated!

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I'm not aware that there's any official integration with Nest, supported by Sonos.
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Me neither. As Nest is part of Google maybe something will come after Google Home Integration is released.
Ah, an excellent thought, bockersjv. We'll have to see.
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Once Google assistant is available for Sonos I'm sure Nest Hello will work Just fine. Nest Hello's rings all my Google Home products (1 Google Home, 2 Google Minis and 1 Google Home Hub) I will probably not enable it on my Sonos speakers as I already have enough "ringers".


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