Sonos Move iOS Home app Cannot Find Add Accessory

  • 28 September 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi there!
Just setup my new Sonos Move, love it. Like all of the rest of my Sonos speakers (Beam and Ones) that I previously added successfully to the Home App (by adding New accessory - I do not have a code = I wait wait, it would discover and I could add).

This process does not happen with my new Move. I have updated my iOS software to 13.1 and the new Home App, but it does not seem find the Move, and I have the Move successfully connected to my home wifi network.

Would appreciate any ideas or help, thank you!

3 replies

My 'Move' has worked for me and I have added it as an accessory in the Home App. Perhaps try the usual suggestion of rebooting the Router and the iPhone ...and obviously have your speaker on its charger-loop and just ensure it’s connected back to your WiFi.
Perhaps also power the Move off/on again with a long 5+ seconds press on the top rear power button whilst it’s off its charger.
Thanks for help! It worked after I created another room and played the Move in that room. Thanks again!