Sonos apps for Apple TV and Android TV

  • 12 September 2021
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I know, I's been asked a million times. How hard is it to adapt the S2 app for Apple TV and Android TV.

It can't be that hard....surely?

3 replies

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Hi @jmkingsbury 

Thanks for your feature request - I’ll pass it along.

The lack of a touchscreen on these devices would require some reengineering in the software.


Thanks. There are many occasions when I am using Apple TV streaming to my Sonos (Airplay 2), but do not have my mobile phone to hand and have to use Spotify.

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I added Xbox controller support to my app, it took a while but was worth it, gave a much nicer experience than mouse-emulation mode.

However porting the Sonos app to entirely new platforms is a different ballgame.