Sonos 10.1 update breaking Savant Systems integration

Sonos! What did you do?!?! When is this going to be fixed?

From Savant:

Field Impact Notice
Sonos Software Update 10.1 Causes Savant Integration to Become Inoperable

Document Date: April 3, 2019
Document Supports: da Vinci 8.x, 9.x

Issue Summary:
On April 3rd, 2019, Sonos released 10.1 which causes Savant integration to become inoperable.

Any Savant System running Savant Pro 8.x and later utilizing the Sonos service with a Sonos Play Speaker, Sonos Amp, or Sonos Connect will be affected. Endpoints utilizing Playbar, Playbase, or Beam are affected, although volume control for these devices is retained.

Conditions Present:
A Sonos Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, Connect, or Sonos Amp is installed and has been updated to 10.1.
Unable to discover Sonos devices via System Monitor and Savant Studio.
Sonos actions from the Savant Home Screen do not execute.
Sonos actions from Savant REM devices appear to execute but no music is heard.
Scenes containing Sonos will initiate playback, but volume control does not function.
Scenes executing Zone Power-Off do not stop playback of the Sonos service, even though the service shows disabled on Savant UIs.
None at this time. Savant is actively investigating this behavior and will provide updates to this Field Impact Notice. At this time, it is advised to avoid updating Sonos devices to 10.1. The Sonos app can be used in the interim as a workaround if an upgrade has already occurred.

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Bad luck! All this could be avoided if Sonos just provided a USER option to switch off updates.
Good luck with your complaint.
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Hi bobbeling,

We're aware that the Savant integration on Sonos is currently experiencing technical problems. We are looking into it and working with Savant to implement and validate a fix.
Sorry if this is a dumb question. My system did the update only Savant control of Sonos remaining is thru Scenes but without volume control. Can you direct me to a PDF or otherwise guide me on how to use my Sonos to control my Savant home devices while you fix this problem?
When can we expect Savant to work with Sonos 10.1?? This is ridiculous that you do updates and don't test impact on your partners systems!
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Sonos changed the xml format of Zone data, for some reason. This broke a number of third party integrations (though none of mine).
How do we revert to the earlier software version while this is being fixed?
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You can never go back to an earlier version. Have Savant not fixed their code yet?
No, Savant has not made any compensation to the changes Sonos made. Further, it is not known if Savant plans to make any software changes to address this Sonos created problem. Has Sonos learned from their mistake of not checking and clearing forward compatibility with the integrator community? Or should potential and existing Sonos customers expect to experience ongoing unnecessary problems like this?
This is a major issue! I've installed many systems integrated with Savant.
Hey Sonos. Since 10.1 came out you have issued two updates for ‘performance issues’. Having just installed 10.1.2 I am deeply saddened to find that you have not fixed the Savant connectivity issue that essentially disconnected my Savant home from using Sonos. Please, please fix this and please please put out some type of advisory as to what we can do in the interim.
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The question to ask is why isn’t Savant keeping up to date with Sonos evolution via the Sonos beta program? Savant sits above the Sonos ‘platform’; it’s their job to track it.
Man my Sonos has been effectively useless for a month!
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I took a look at the Savant web site, they sell their own whole house music system. It doesn't seem to be in their interest to keep their code working with Sonos hardware, I'm sure they would rather you buy theirs. This might explain their lack of urgency in making the trivial fix to their code to fix this problem.
Sonos changed the xml format of Zone data, for some reason. This broke a number of third party integrations (though none of mine).

Wow, I remember when systems still used XML. Wrote many an XSL Transform back in the day. JSON replaced XML in the majority of systems years ago. I haven't looked at Sonos' APIs, hopefully they're moving to JSON and REST, at least for the newer stuff.
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I haven't looked at Sonos' APIs, hopefully they're moving to JSON and REST, at least for the newer stuff.

Their cloud API is REST and JSON, yes, but the LAN API has always been UPnP and that is XML, all the way down.
@Ryan S Any updates here? I am a 3rd party integrator and my client has had no functionality for 3 months. Does Sonos have a timeline on when Savant will release a patch or when this issue will be resolved?

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Time to get a new home automation system IMHO. If the company (Savant) isn't willing to update their software to stay compatible with supported 3rd party devices, it isn't worth much as an automation system. Particularly as this fix is so trivial from a technical standpoint.
Is there still no fix for this?! This is ridiculous. People have invested significant amounts of money in both Savant and Sonos - we don’t spend this much for such terrible usability and lack of communication. Unbelievable. Savant doesn’t even have a support phone number.
It's unfortunate that it is with Savant as to where the responsibility lies. I'd wonder if they even bother to look at this thread.

I'd give strong consideration to contacting them directly. They seem to have a page to do so on their website, it's here:
Any update on this issue, when would the Sonos would work with Savant again or it simply never will?

Do all communication would have to be with Alexa or Google dot?
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What a joke this is..

I got savant installed about 6-8 months ago and was using the integration more that I thought I would.

4 months ago someone had to touch it because it was working properly.

Ive got the feeling this will never get fixed just like Alexa won’t integrate with savant but google home will.

I also think it’s interesting that not one sonos support member has made any comment on this.

Yours Sincerely, UN HAPPY CUSTOMER!
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Why would Sonos reply? This is a trivial bug for Savant to fix, and they clearly do not care, which for an autonmation company that needs to work with 3rd parties all the time is not a good sign. Suggest switching to an automation system that supports their customers.
FYI this has been resolved in the latest 9.1 software release as of Aug 1, 2019

patch fixes have also been released for those on 9.0.2 and 8.10.1 which can be found on the savant community

So , besides working with savant, what does Savants audio hardware offer that sonos does not?
So , besides working with savant, what does Savants audio hardware offer that sonos does not?

Essentially in a savant environment, by using any audio device with Savant Music 2.0 you have the ability to search for songs, artists, playlists, etc., rather than only being able to playback playlists that have been created within the Sonos app and imported into savant music.

Other major advantages include AVB and control ports for other devices which can be connected as audio sources.

Price wise it's a bit cheaper to get (1) PAV-SIPA50SM (6 zone audio matrix, 4 zones amplified) compared to getting (4) Sonos amps and it takes up a lot less space. Difference having a system like this is the savant matrix only has on single stream of music while (4) Sonos amps obviously gives you (4) streams. Savant also has single music streamers in their product list.