Shuffle with IFTTT

  • 4 January 2019
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Does anyone know if there is a way to trigger Sonos to switch on shuffle? I have a load of bedtime songs in a Spotify playlist and am using the new IFTTT integration triggered from a Smartthings simulated switch to launch the playlist but it would be great if I could get different songs every night

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3 replies

Looking through all the IFTTT Applets, I don’t think there is an option to shuffle a chosen playlist at the moment, perhaps Sonos Staff here will forward the idea to the team concerned. It would be a useful feature, I think.
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Starting a shuffled playlist from the beginning every time is a real weak point in the Sonos apps. It seems like an easy thing to fix. Something like storing a pointer to the last song played and going to the next song the next time.
I posted this to another Sonos Shuffle post, so I hope it helps others in the community:

I had the same issue but I have created the following workaround which is working perfectly for me.

  1. Install the Yonomi app on your smart phone and create Yonomi account and follow prompts to link Yonomi to your Google Assistant. (Yonomi is a free voice controlled automation service which has the ability to link to both Google Assistant and to Sonos)
  2. In Yonomi, create a "routine" and name it "Shuffle". I have Sonos speakers in two rooms - Living Room and Bedroom. For me, having two rooms, the Yonomi routine runs two "actions" - (1) turn on Sonos shuffle in Living Room and (2) turn on Sonos shuffle in Bedroom. It sounds complicated but quite user-friendly to create.
  3. Once the Yonomi routine above is created, whenever I am playing a playlist which I started using my voice via Google Assistant, I then simply say "Turn on [name of Yonomi routine]" (in my case, I would say "Turn on shuffle". It's been working perfectly for weeks now.
I hope it works for you too. It took me quite a lot of Googling and head scratching to figure this out so I hope it help others.