Savant integration/compatibility with Sonos

  • 26 April 2019
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We had Savant hardware/software installed to control our whole house A/V system. All sources, except Sonos, work flawlessly. I’m told that Sonos’ proprietary architecture doesn’t play nice with Savant and that it’s a Sonos problem. Also being told that the fix is to use the Savant streamer in place of Sonos. I’d really prefer not to scrap years of Sonos experience. Hey Sonos who’s the customer? What’s the fix?

1 reply

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You may want to jump onto the existing thread linked below.

Sonos changed a small aspect of their UPnP API (as they're entitled to do, of course). What I don't understand is why Savant didn't detect the change and make the necessary modifications to their code as part of the Sonos beta, before the Sonos update went GA. It implies that either Savant doesn't do upstream integration testing with their partner systems, or that Sonos made the API change without exposing it first as part of a beta release. Neither of which is good.