Ring doorbell with Sonos one

  • 14 February 2019
  • 5 replies

Hi I’ve been trying to connect my ring doorbell 1 with my sonos but not getting anywhere. I’ve tried the IFTTT applets but that’s not working either. Any ideas anyone?

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5 replies

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Use stringify, I have it set so that when my ring doorbell detects motion at night my hue lights turn on and a dogs barking through my sonos.

It’s a great automation tool that creates flows.
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I successfully used IFTTT to play Amy Grant "Ring my bell" (set via a Favorite) when the doorbell is pressed. Worked ok, but sometimes took a while which isn't deal for a doorbell.

If Sonos added audio_clip support to their IFTTT service then it would be a lot easier, as it would be able to resume whatever was playing beforehand.

I thought of creating my own service to do this, but it would take me a couple of weekends to do all the plumbing, and then Sonos would probably spend ten minutes adding it to their existing service and obsolete mine.

Right now only the newest hardware supports audio_clip anyway (Ones, Beam, Amp).
I have sonos beam with alexa enabled, ring doorbell pro, and firestick 4k. I also have a harmony remote which has watch TV activity that turns on firestick and Toshiba TV. I had 2 firesticks and had issues initially.

So I went to alexa app after adding ring skill, setting video then linked my firestick 4k with sonos as audio and then when I say show front door it comes up on the TV screen and if I say search a TV programme on netflix it works as well.
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The Ring doorbell announcement comes up fairly quickly on connected Echo speakers, assuming you have enabled the Ring doorbell skill in Alexa. I have a Home Assistant automation that plays the same sort of announcement to my Sonos speakers, and it seems to fire at about the same time as the Echo speakers, more or less, so there isn't a significant delay. IFTTT generally introduces about a 1 second delay at a minimum, but it can be longer.
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A bit late to the party, but I’ve fashioned something together using IFTTT. Basically, I downloaded an MP3 of a doorbell chime from the internet and placed it on my NAS. I then added my NAS as a Music Library, placed the MP3 file in that location. Finally I used IFTTT the Sonos/Ring IFTTT applet to play that MP3 each time the doorbell is pressed. 

There is also a slight delay, but it works nonetheless.