pairing wirh Beam with Sonos One

  • 12 December 2020
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We have a small house so I was looking at one or two Sonos Ones to pair with my Beam for TV but then be able to separate them for general music listening in separate rooms or on the balcony  - is this easy to do and would you recommend with one or two One’s

1 reply

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You have two options:

- Connect 2 Sonos Ones as surrounds for the Beam. This will enable the 2 Sonos Ones to enhance your TV audio but to play on them independent of the Beam, you will need to remove the surrounds and re-add them later;

-  create a stereo pair with your 2 Sonos Ones. You'll be able to group these with your Beam or play them separately for music but there will be lip sync issues between your stereo pair and your TV output when grouped during TV output.