My Google Assistant workaround and Sonos

  • 18 April 2019
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All my google minis are linked to my Sony Chromecast built-in Bravia TV's connected to Sonos Beams. "Hey Google, Play some Rock Music." "Ok, Playing some Rock Music you may like." The result plays the music on the linked TV and outputs sound to the Beams via HDMI. I understand the frustrations of others waiting for GA on Sonos but I am not sure that it would be any different than what I have setup now... pending an announcement of the integrated functionality. I used Amazon Alexa Voice service on Sonos and that was very frustrating for me. I always had to turn down the TV so she could hear my Queries on the beam. I also am waiting for a GA Update but more for the curiosity in me and not the necessity. I have read a-lot of the threads on here. Some pen some harsh words and negative comments about the wait. I enjoy all my Sonos products for what I bought them for... Quality Sound(IMO). Anything else is bonus. I was excited about airplay and use it for some cases but it didn't make my experience in better. And I tried Alexa, as mentioned. My setup now keeps me happy and it works. Anyone still waiting on a certain Doorbell/Security company to be Homekit compliant? LOL 🆒
This is not a flame or an attack, just an opinion and an option. Life is good!(Not an LG pun). Everyone have a blessed day

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1 reply

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I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I'm heavily invested in Google and Nest (Philips Hue too) and I went started looking into Sonos when I wanted a "somewhat" smart Home Theater system and whole home audio which I do have but the quality was not quite there with Google speakers and I searched a lot for a solutions and finally decided on Sonos. With Google Assistant coming was a serious plus and will admit help swing my decision to them. I've had the Sonos 5.1 system with the Beam and Sonos One's for a couple of weeks now and I'm extremely pleased with them.
Like you I tried Alexa really just from a curiosity standpoint and in agreement with you. I quickly became irritated and frustrated with the it.
Also like you I have a Google Mini tied to my Sony Bravia and I just ask Google to play whatever on Netflix and my Sonos system fires up for 5.1 sound. really only benefit for me personally of getting GA the Beam is that I can move my Mini to the kitchen or something like that.
As for music, it would be nice to fire up my speakers without having to go through the TV.
For now I patiently wait on while I enjoy my new system.