Lost SiriusXM when changing Sirius stations

  • 9 December 2019
  • 2 replies


OK, lots of us have had issues with losing connection with SiriusXM.  Today, I was listening to one SiriusXM station and when I changed to another SiriusXM station, I lost the connection!  And now I can’t listen to any SiriusXM station.  The status page shows SiriusXM is up and running, and I can get SiriusXM on another device.  And I can listen to any TuneIn station I want.  Any suggestions?  I’ve yet to see a definitive answer to the question that lots and lots of us have.


Ok, one hour later, my connection to SiriusXM comes back.  And I didn’t do anything such as reboot the router, reinstall the app, etc.    I just tried to connect every 5 or 10 minutes, and I finally connected.  Any ideas?  One thing: even though this seems to be a somewhat common problem, I’ve yet to see an explanation of the problem.  But maybe I’ve missed that.  If I knew why I was losing connectivity, I may be in a better position to fix my problem.

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2 replies

There is a known issue with Sirius XM service right now.


I  don’t think the issue is solely related to Sonos as I’ve seen issues streaming with other devices as well, that it seems to be fine from my phone right now.



Thanks.  At the time I first noticed my issue, the status page didn’t show SiriusXM as an issue, but I now see that it is.  Reassuring that it wasn’t me.  Again, thx.  I’ll remember to check the status page more often from now on when I have any issues.