Logitech Harmony + Sonos

  • 4 March 2019
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I know that Logitech Harmony supports and works with Sonos but does it also allow you to select Sonos (+ specific rooms) as a TV audio output? TV being connected via 3.5 / Optical --> Play 5?

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3 replies

Yes, in some respects.... and here is one way to go about it...

Create an 'Harmony Activity' that will switch on your TV and play a chosen TV channel. Attach the TV audio line-out to your Sonos 'Connect' or 'Play:5' line-in and set it to Autoplay at a chosen volume and (if necessary) include grouped rooms. (Note: the Sonos Rooms will need to be grouped beforehand and a separate Harmony Activity can be created to do that, if necessary)

When the TV is turned on by Harmony it will automatically play to the Sonos Rooms selected.

A example screenshot of the line-in settings required in the Sonos App is attached.

Is that what you were trying to achieve?
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I think so yes... My current TV is connected via 3.5mm headphone jack --> Play 5 and Sonos is set to auto play like your setup. I am currently unable to change the audio volume with the TV remote and instead have to use the Sonos app.

I have purchased a new Sony TV and the Harmony (TV will be connected to Sonos in the same way) and wanted to also be able to change the TV/Sonos volume with the single Harmony remote.

I think it would be good for Sonos to allow users to create a default 'auto play group', so for eample when the Play 5's auto play feature comes in, it would also automatically group my pre chosen seakers (i.e all the Sonos speaker in the living room)

I can see you possibly encountering some audio issues in the future, perhaps?..

You are currently using the headphone socket on your old TV, which has a 'fixed' audio-out signal. You maybe able to change that to 'variable' output in the TV's settings, but it depends on the TV, it would mean you could control the volume to the Play:5 with the TV remote, perhaps? I’m pretty sure that such ports on TV's are often set at a fixed audio output.

Note too that your current, or new Sony TV, may have other audio outputs that are 'variable' and controllable with the TV remote or Harmony remote, but they may not silence the internal TV speakers automatically.

You will likely need to silence/mute the TV speakers when playing to your Play:5 Speaker, I presume you realise that? The reason is, there is a 30-70ms audio delay caused by buffering to that speaker and it will 'likely" create an echo effect if you leave the internal TV speakers switched on at the same time. In fact the audio delay would be even greater if you set the line-in audio to 'compressed'.

So, your new Sony TV may have fixed audio-output on it's headphone socket too (if it has one). I’m not sure you will be able to switch that to variable output?...and if you choose another TV audio output port instead, you will most likely need to mute the internal TV speakers.

The best way around all these issues though, would perhaps be to consider buying a Sonos Home Theatre setup, like a Beam, PlayBar etc; which are intended for use with TV audio (unlike the Play:5) and delays to those kinds of HT speakers, using optical or HDMI-ARC connections is unnoticeable, plus the internal TV speakers should automatically mute when playing it’s audio-out to such a Receiver.