Issues with a Ring Doorbell, Arc and Alexa

  • 17 September 2021
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Hi, we have a Ring doorbell, Sonos Arc and Alexa. We have had this set up since April no problem. There is a routine in place to tell the Arc if the doorbell is pressed to announce “someone is at the door”

This has just suddenly stopped working. I have tried deleting the routine and trying again but nothing. 

Everything has been powered down etc

The doorbell is configured to ring on one of the Alexa Shows (as it always has been) but that is not set up to say someone is at the door but it is….

Any ideas?

Seems to have occurred have a SONOS update but that could be a coincidence 


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Something has been broken with Sonos devices within the Alexa integration for some time now. e.g. You can’t change the location of Sonos devices within the Alexa App.  I don’t know if this is a Sonos or Amazon issue but Sonos are aware of it.  Sometimes the web based Alexa settings page ( gives a solution but my Ring device is not shown and so I can only configure it within the Alexa App.  No solution yet, we just need for Amazon and Sonos to fix the integration. :confused: