IFTTT - If This Then That integration with Sonos

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This would be great, especially now that Nest have exposed their API to IFTTT.

Effectively, this would allow for a 'When Nest sets to 'away', turn off all Sonos devices'.

Such a time saver, and really quite cool at the same time! 🙂
And even better if something like Beddit fires an IFTTT trigger when you are at the optimal part of your sleep cycle to be woken up.  This would be the dream result!
This would be great, especially now that Nest have exposed their API to IFTTT.

Effectively, this would allow for a 'When Nest sets to 'away', turn off all Sonos devices'.

Such a time saver, and really quite cool at the same time! :)

And when you get home, the music just starts up again. It would be perfect. You could also schedule music at certain times, specially since the alarm function on Sonos is limited at the moment.
I would "build" sonos into the whole house as in buy more speakers for those less frequent spaces and then use ifttt motion triggers to have music follow me.
Seriously. This would make **SO MUCH** sense. Given the huge array of random/useless services that support IFTTT, it's almost embarrassing that Sonos hasn't been able to get it done.
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another +1
I am simply waiting for Sonos to comply our wish for automation = IFTTT and who would buy additional equipment while waiting, Well Not me at least ! So dear Sonos, please make your API available for IFTTT....soon, or others will make their available....
And not one "official" reaction from Sonos, i think IFTTT for Sonos will never be happened. 😕
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I would also adopt Sonos more wholeheartedly if they released IFTTT integration for Playlists and Alarms. I know numerous other users with Nests, Wemo's, Life360 accounts who would immediately look to use presence to improve their Sonos experience. +1 for this. This is inevitable Sonos - please get cracking on IFTTT if you're not already. It has to be a commercial no-brainer for you..
I just bought 5 Sonos devices (a PlayBar, a Play 1, two Play 3s, and a Play 5), and IFTTT integration is a top request for me.

I found some IFTTT hacks for Sonos before my purchase (a deciding factor in fact), but am finding them to be a little more difficult to implement than anticipated.  First party IFTTT support would be much better.

To echo the thoughts of some previous posts: NEED NEED NEED. 🙂
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Properly integrated it would also allow users to create the own interfaces to streaming services of their choice with less dependency on Sonos or the willingness of a service provider. This would be especially helpful for free streaming services which have no incentive supporting the Sonos app and losing all their add space they need for their business model. 
Since you guys make all your money on hardware wouldn't it behove you to push more integrations that sell more hardware? I'm really not understand why y'all keep things so closed.
As an owner of 3 subs, 3 playbar's, 2 amps, 1 play5, 2 play3, and 2 play1 I would have to agree that this feature is needed.  Doubt I'll buy much more, but I will be happier and recommend to even more people...
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For those of you who are reasonably comfortable with IT you can do some clever stuff with Openremote and a third party app https://github.com/jishi/node-sonos-http-api
They are both open source and require you to set up a server running either linux or windows.  This interfaces between Sonos and your devices such as amps, alarms, tv's etc...
I saved buying mutiple Sonos players this route by having a single sonos zoneplayer which connects to some amps I already had.   These are switched through the Openremote app which runs on IOS or Android.  Openremote has a rule engine that allows for IFTTT programming.  For example I've got a couple of IR controlled amps that when Sonos starts playing they can be triggered using Openremote and and IR blaster.    There is really no limit - voice control through tasker,  turn on Sonos when you get home (alarm integration), text to speech etc...
This really is a must; I can think of countless ways of adding Sonos to my Nest, Hue and iOS recipes. Come on Sonos!
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This would definately add great value to the Sonos system. I have 7 rooms equipped with Sonos and Hue and sensors etc. One example : It would be great to be able to walk into a new room, let the sensor detect you and automatically group the local zone to the rest while turning on the light.
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I would also like this.  I already have home automation software that controls my insteon lights, sonos, hue, etc and runs scheduled tasks (hue sunrise and sonos radio alarm, dusk lights on, tv lift up = dimmed lights and sonos switch to playbar), but I can see further potential for using this integration.
Another vote for Sonos IFTTT... I want switch on a receiver which powers outdoor speakers when I start playing music to a Sonos Connect.
Using IFTTT I'd like to trigger a Philips Hue Light Scene by playing a specific Sonos Playlist.
Hi, I also would like to see the IFTTT integration with Sonos, or geofencing on Iphone with Sonos, like Hue. It will be great to come home where already my favorite song plays, and to leave home without the need of switch off Sonos. I have 9 players, I like Sonos.
Would love this, must have! Trigger with beacons, or literally anything. Please!
Please introduce IFTTT integration! Geofencing and other features would be absolutely amazing for such a great system!
Is there already an official statement from SONOS if it is coming? Ans if yes, when?
I'm also extremely interested in this. I already have my Hue Lights, Withings products etc connected to IFTTT. Sonos is the final step remaining.
Interestingly this is already available on the Amazon Echo.