I need help please

  • 9 December 2020
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I moved into a house with Sonos speakers in each room. But have no instructions. I have a small tablet fixed to the wall where I should be able to control it. But after downloading the app on my phone and trying all I know and understand I can’t get connected. 
can any one help? 



2 replies

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Can the vendors give you any help?


Do you know what speakers you have? Built-in to the ceiling or free-standing units? Is there any label on the wall box? Can you see any devices when you run the app? 

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Hopefully one of those devices are wired to your router. If not, one needs to be asap, as there is no chance your WiFi network uses the same SSID/pwd as the previous owner’s.

Once you have it setup with a wired Sonos unit, you can switch to WiFi if you wish and enter your new WiFi creds. If you have a BOOST then don’t bother with WiFi.